Fresh from EFS

Double Gridded donut Perc
EFS is a master of design and construction with the BORO.
These tubes are 100% perfect in every way. They have flawless welds and seams , absolutely perfect construction.
And yes they rip as good as they look, the Gridded Donut Perc is without doubt one of the smoothest systems available on todays market. The 12 slits around the Donut have bridged connections to open up 3 vents in each slit grouped all together to create 36 ports of diffusion.
The tubes are very thick and sturdy with extremely stable base plates for anti-tip over action all day.
The body look and feel is very beefy compared to standard 45mm and 50mm tubes, its like holding a extra large soup can.
Very smooth so nice and they are worth every penny, these are such a must have in todays glass collection
Every tube is handcrafted by a single person 100% made in the USA

•Double Gridded Donut Perc
•19mm Stemless simax joint
•13.5" Tall
•5mm Thick
•32mm Bent Neck
•72mm Body / Can
•Donut Perc with 12 slits double Gridded for 36 diffusion vents
•Perc is welded to interior wall for maximum durability
•5.5" Stable Pedestal Base Plate
•19mm Ice Pinch Slide
•1.85 Lbs Dry Weight
•EFS Logo
•Made in March of 2012