Micro Stemless

The ever so popular Micro is a must have in the arsenal.
These little guys are just the perfect little ripper that pack a punch, very portable, easy to clean and so snappy on the draw.

100% Made in the USA
10.5" to 12" tall
38mm Tubing Schott Boro ( Same as OG ROOR-Toro-Syn-Hedman Headies-etc,etc The highest quality of glass there is to use)
3.5mm wall thickness
14mm Simax joint flipped
Stemless Perc
8 Micro trees
Splash Restrictor
14mm Ice Pinch Slide


By purchasing this product you agree that you are (1) AT
LEAST 18 years of age (2) Recognize that these pipes are intended
for tobacco use only or display purposes (3) You have reviewed
your local laws regarding these tobacco related products.

If you dont understand the 3 terms above please do not purchase.

If necessary please be prepared to prove any of these terms.